Dr. Marie-Claude Lepage, DMD


Dr. Marie-Claude Lepage used to work as a research assistant at the CHUL hospital in Quebec City. For nine years, she enjoyed the challenges of medical research; however, her job did not provide her with the level of human interaction she desired.  After much reflection, Dr. Lepage decided to change her career path. She enrolled in the dental faculty of the University of Montreal and later completed a multi-disciplinary dental residency at the University of Laval in Quebec City.

Dentistry has become a passion for Dr. Lepage. She loves her patients and her new career. She has spent the last decade taking courses in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, as well as in the United States to expand her knowledge, broaden her experience, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry.

Currently, Dr. Lepage is working at Orleans Town Centre Dental.


Dr. Lepage loves travelling and discovering new landscapes and culinary experiences. She enjoys nature, which is why hobbies like hiking and wildlife watching (especially birds) are some of her favourite pastimes. At home, she likes to read, draw, and make jewelry.


English & French

Areas of Interest

Invisalign, Cosmetics