Dr. Mahmood Gozar


Dr. Gozar is a practicing dentist in Ottawa, as well as the President of Capital Dentistry.  He wears many hats!

Dr. Gozar studied dentistry at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.  He graduated in 1993 at which time he moved back to Ottawa to set up his first practice in Stittsville, ON in 1996, where he practiced for many years.  In 2012, Dr. Gozar partnered with Dr. Dalios to start up the Eastboro Dental clinic. Since then, and in partnership with other dentists, Dr. Gozar has opened several successful dentistry practices across Ottawa.

Dr. Gozar has a particular interest in oral surgery and has taken several courses in teeth extraction, the placement and restoration of implants, Invisalign, as well as many other specialties.

Areas of Interest

Surgery, Endodontics, Invisalign, Cosmetics


Car racing, Dirt bike riding, hiking


English, Farsi