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Connexion Dental Care Group continuously strives to change the way that you view and experience dentistry. Learn more about the services provided at our clinic:

Flossing, brushing and using mouthwash on a daily basis are a great start to oral and overall health, but visiting a dentist regularly is equally important. Routine cleanings, exams and x-rays help prevent problems before they start, and contribute to making your smile as healthy and beautiful as possible.

It’s normal for tartar, which is an accumulation of plaque, to build up on your teeth over time. Once it does, though, it can’t be removed by simple brushing with a regular toothbrush.

The special tools that dentists use reach certain areas in your mouth that you may not be able to get to on your own. They also remove tartar buildup to help prevent cavities and gum disease, such as gingivitis.

As its name implies, restorative dentistry’s main goal is to restore your mouth’s complete health. Restorative treatments are used to fix or replace teeth that have been chipped, broken or lost. Direct or indirect treatments can be applied, depending on the issue.

Direct treatments, like fillings, are applied to the missing part of the tooth directly, while indirect treatments are created outside of the mouth, based on impressions. These can be partial or full replacements of the real missing tooth or teeth.

Dental implants are another important part of restorative dentistry, and can be used to replace a single tooth or a complete dental arch. They can also help preserve the jawbone.

Your smile is an essential part of who you are and how people view you, which is why cosmetic dentistry is so important. Primarily aimed at correcting imperfections like discoloration and misalignment, cosmetic dentistry also helps maintain the health of your gums and teeth, so it’s about more than just aesthetics.

Popular procedures include whitening, veneers, and braces, but a range of services are available depending on what needs correcting.

Having yellow teeth or a crooked smile can really affect your confidence and self-esteem, but thanks to the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry, your new beam is just around the corner.

Although we do everything in our power to make our patients feel comfortable before, during and after procedures, we understand that some patients suffer from dental related phobias that can prevent them from getting the help they need. This is why we are equipped to offer all major forms of sedation dentistry such as laughing gas, conscious sedation and intravenous sedation.

Whether you haven’t been to the dentist for years due to fear or anxiety, or you have major dental surgery scheduled, there is a type of sedation that can be used to help you manage your emotions and the pain. Your comfort and wellbeing is our priority so talk to our team about any and all hesitations you may have.

No one looks forward to surgery, but thanks to pain management techniques like sedation and the incredible results dental surgery can produce, it’s an effective solution for a variety of problems. If you suffer from mild to severe gum disease, you’ll be happy to hear that 3D-guided surgery has literally changed the game, increasing patient satisfaction and providing quicker results.

A combination of cutting edge-technology and attentive service makes all the difference when it comes to surgery, and thanks to the latest developments in patient care, dental surgery is safer, quicker, and more effective than ever before.

Retainers of all kinds are a reality for many kids and adults. Whether used to treat teeth grinding (bruxism), overbites, to help with snoring as a sleep apnea device, or to wear while playing sports, mouth guards are an easy and efficient way to manage a variety of conditions.

Comfortable, easy to put in, take out and clean, orthodontics can help with your smile, how much sleep you get, and even migraines, which some people get due to clenching their jaw. If you play sports, orthodontics are a must since they’re shock-absorbent and protect your entire mouth.

Dental services offered:

  • New patient exams

  • White resin fillings

  • Teeth whitening

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • General dentistry

  • Preventative hygiene maintenance

  • Endodontics

  • Dentures

  • Dental implants

  • Invisalign

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Crowns and bridges

  • Gum grafting

  • Dental surgery

  • Pediatric dentistry

  • Sleep apnea services

  • Night guards/grinding appliances

  • Sports guards

  • Sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide sedation

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