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You’re Free and Clear with Invisalign Braces

5 May 2014

You’re Free and Clear with Invisalign Braces

InvisalignWhy should you feel restricted by traditional metal braces when you can enjoy the freedom of comfortable braces made of clear, durable and practically invisible plastic? It’s surprisingly simple; as easy as visiting the best dentist in Ottawa for a custom-made set of aligners tailored to your unique orthodontic needs.

As you change each aligner over time, your teeth will gradually and gently re-align without the need for metal brackets or wires to be tightened. In the end, all you’ll be left with is a great smile, which is the point isn’t it? But guess what? You don’t even have to wait until you finish your treatment for that because with Invisalign braces, you’re free to smile as big and wide as you want and all people will see is your beaming smile. No more metal mouth!

You’re also free to eat and drink whatever you like. Just take off your aligner and indulge in all your favourite foods without restrictions. No more embarrassing bits of food stuck in your wires!

Another great thing about these innovative clear braces is that you’ll be free of them in just under a year while metal braces stay on for two to three years, sometimes longer. And as much as you’ll love going to the best dentist in Ottawa for your adjustments, you’ll be happy to know that with Invisalign braces, your visits will be less frequent than they would be with metal braces.

Although you won’t be completely pain-free, clear braces hurt less, and for less time, than metal braces. The removable aligners also help make oral hygiene a simple, hassle-free process, keeping your teeth free of plaque, particles and tooth decay. Just fifteen minutes soaking in special cleaning crystals and your braces will be as good as new. You can also stay worry-free about dental complications or other conditions that can be aggravated by metal braces.

Invisalign braces are made through a special procedure that can only be performed by a certified dentist. It’s been proven effective through clinical research, and is becoming widespread throughout orthodontic practices across the country, including the best dentist in Ottawa.

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