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The power struggle: electric vs. manual toothbrushes

3 Sep 2015

The power struggle: electric vs. manual toothbrushes


Electronic devices are pretty important to our everyday lives. Imagine your home without an iron, toaster, microwave, etc; these items make our lives that much better and we have power (in part) to thank. On the other hand, there are devices that have never required power and work just fine. The question to ask is, are electronic devices better than manual ones because they can provide an added boost of power?   Take toothbrushes for instance; does power influence the overall effectiveness of the device? The best way to approach this particular question is to look at the pros and cons of each type of toothbrush:




– Tried, tested and true; this is how it has always been and it has always worked.

– More cost and energy efficient


-May have to replace more often as they are sometimes not made to last as long




No elbow grease required! Once you guide it correctly, the brush essentially does all of the work for you.

– Battery and rechargeable options



More expensive than manual brushes

– Maintenance requires more attention (replacing brush heads, etc)


Regardless of the toothbrush choice you make it is important to remember one thing…to brush regularly! Each option carries the benefit of increased dental hygiene once done on a regular basis. If you’re still unsure of what the best option may be for you, consult with your local Ottawa dental professional.

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