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Teeth Grinding and it’s Potential Dangers

7 avril 2016

Teeth Grinding and it’s Potential Dangers


Do you grind your teeth at night? You may and not even realize it. Teeth grinding also known as bruxism can happen when you’re sleeping and awake, and is usually brought on by stress related issues and anxiety.

Some recently conducted research has yielded some very interesting results regarding how teeth grinding can create other issues with your body. “One study using an EEG reported that sleep bruxers experience more sleep arousals than non-bruxers. During a bruxing episode, heart rate increased, placing additional strain on their bodies. Although more research is required in order to see whether or not these episodes negatively affect cardiovascular health long-term, the cause of one’s bruxism is of great importance. If symptoms of anxiety are causing this behavior, for instance, chronic stress is known to significantly threaten heart health.” If you experience elevated levels of stress in your life due to work or other factors, make sure you take the steps to help relieve it.

So, what does this mean for those who suffer from bruxism? Firstly, you have to determine if you are are indeed a night time teeth grinder. Some symptoms of this may include: sore jaw when you awake in the morning, earaches, chipped/damaged teeth, and chewed tissue inside your cheek. If you notice any of these issues make sure to contact your Ottawa dental professional. They will be able to give your mouth a full assessment and make a thorough diagnosis. If they determine that bruxism is indeed the condition, they can prescribe custom fitted mouthguards that will keep you protected while you sleep.

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