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Root Canal Therapy

For our Ottawa and Gatineau dental clinics, root canal therapy is a very common procedure. Hearing the words “root canal” instills fear into many patients, but with all the advancements in dentistry, it has become a quick and relatively painless procedure. You should expect to experience little or no discomfort. Generally, a root canal requires one visit to complete, but depending on the complexity of each individual case, more appointments may be required. By applying the proper care, the restored tooth should last as long as a regular, healthy tooth!

So, what exactly is a root canal?

Your teeth may be small, but each tooth is made up of several parts. One such part is the root canal. These are tiny passageways that extend from the top of the root right down to its tip. Each tooth typically has between one and four root canals depending on its size. Many problems or conditions related to the tooth involve infections that spread to its inner chamber. Here you will find the pulp, which consists of nerves, delicate blood vessels, and soft connective tissues. Once the infection in the pulp worsens, it will start to affect the root of the tooth and cause the patient a lot of pain. A spreading infection can cause abscess (small pockets of pus) to develop in the root of the tooth which is very painful and tender at the touch. If you’re living in Ottawa or Gatineau and experience these symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible. Good news for those that require root canal therapy: root canal treatment is a remarkably simple procedure with a very high rate of success. It involves the removal of the affected nerve tissue which stops the spread of infection and restores the healthy portion of the tooth by sealing the hole with a filling.


Your dentist will start by accessing the inner chamber by making a small pilot hole on the surface of the tooth. He or she will remove the infected or diseased tissue, cleanse and disinfect the inner chamber and reshape the tiny canals inside. Then, to seal it, an inert elastic material will be inserted into the cleansed inner chamber and canals. Through the technological advancements that have allowed dentistry to evolve, microscopes can now be used to aid in the completion of root canal therapy. Microscope-aided endodontics enable our dentists to complete the procedure with enhanced precision and accuracy thanks to the fact that they can see all components of the tooth, gums and jaw with magnified clarity and increased detail. implant_restoration_06implant_restoration_02implant_restoration_03 implant_restoration_04implant_restoration_05

All of our several locations in the Ottawa region specialize in root canal therapy; check the office list at the right of the page or use the Search for a Dentist tool.