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Invisalign: The New Alternative to Braces

19 Jun 2014

Invisalign: The New Alternative to Braces

InvisalignSince the early 1900’s braces have come to be the go to option for dental work regarding crooked teeth. Braces back then were completely different from what we know of today; the earliest braces were individually wrapped teeth connected by a wire which with pressure was supposed to align the teeth properly- ouch! This process is what the braces we have today have evolved from and now have helped lead us to a new and improved kind of braces system; clear braces- also known as Invisalign.

Invisalign is a clear removable teeth aligner which now replaces traditional metal braces and is a new favourite with dentists in Ottawa. This new and improved method of teeth alignment correction is becoming increasingly popular with dentists in Ottawa because of its invisibility and removability. Long are the days when patients are stuck with the pain of choosing from an assortment of coloured elastics for their braces or the pain of having to get their braces tightened or the embarrassment of finding out that they’ve had a piece of spinach stuck in their front brace all day! This new Invisalign technology allows people to have the smile they want without the pain and hassle of traditional braces. Many dentists in Ottawa are encouraging this type of service for the many benefits Invisalign provides. Patients can expect to have a straighter smile within 9-18 months and the beauty about it is that no one will even know you were in the process of fixing your smile it the first place!

A smile is a wonderful thing—it’s a sign of joy, pleasure and happiness and of course everyone knows it takes more muscles to frown than smile! A great smile can change a lot in a person; it can make them feel more confident, personable and comfortable with their appearance. A big part of a person’s smile is their teeth and unfortunately not everyone has the perfect set of teeth, but luckily dentists in Ottawa are providing Invisalign to whoever is in need- helping out one smile at a time!

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