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Invisalign – an orthodontic method to an aesthetically pleasing smile!

24 Feb 2014

Invisalign – an orthodontic method to an aesthetically pleasing smile!


Orthodontic treatments that are available to patients at a family dentist in Ottawa include one method known as Invisalign or clear braces. Invisalign is an efficient and worthy method of straightening your teeth in order to have a healthy smile. Invisalign is just as efficient as traditional metal braces because it can immensely improve the overall look, position and proper function of the patient’s teeth. This dental method of straightening teeth allows complex-biting issues to be resolved which a family dentist in Ottawa can diagnose or identify. This orthodontic practice, known as Invisalign, is becoming increasingly popular and consists of different trays or aligners that are fitted and designed for you mouth. The aligners are computer-generated and are ideally worn all the time 24-hrs a day except for when eating. A patient is recommended to see a family dentist in Ottawa to change and switch the Invisalign aligners approximately every two to four weeks.

Many patients chose Invisalign because one can obtain straight teeth and have an aesthetically pleasing smile. It is practically invisible and is comfortable to wear, making it simple to have a healthy smile that one is proud about. Many patients, especially parents or those past their teenage years may feel uncomfortable or awkward getting braces at a later stage in their lives, which is why Invisalign is a comfortable and suitable option. Invislign is a valid option because it allows one to be themselves and feel comfortable in every social situation. Another advantage is that it will not affect speech or pronunciation. Many people with traditional braces may develop a lisp or a minor speech problem from the not being used to the metal in their mouth, an issue not relevant to Invisalign. When one has metal braces it makes for less room in your mouth, which can be uncomfortable, and for some, often humiliating. Invisalign also permits patients to eat whatever they please and not have to limit or change their diet or eating habits.

With Invisalign, clear braces, adults can have regained confidence in their smile and feel good about the health and esthetic of their teeth. When giving presentations in the workplace such as seminars or speaking in front or a court perhaps or even in personal situations such as going on a first date or conversing at a family gathering can be more comfortable when you have a straight and aligned smile. No one will even notice you are wearing it and it will do the job of straightening your teeth.

Invisalign also offers patients a critical component of straightening teeth, which is getting accustom to wearing a retainer to maintain retention. Retention is very important to maintain straight teeth and prevent shifting. Many patients who receive traditional metal braces may be revisiting a family dentist sooner than they had hoped if they do not wear a retainer regularly, obtaining Invisalign erases and eliminates this problem. Finding a family dentist in Ottawa who performs cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign is easier than you think. Invisalign helps to a patient to achieve the smile they have always wanted usually in a shorter period of time than traditional braces.

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