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Increasing the Strength of Dental Filings

3 Dec 2015

Increasing the Strength of Dental Filings

Patient with open throat in dentist office illustration.

If you are someone who stays on top of your dental health, then going to the dentist is probably a walk in the park for you. Consistent brushing, flossing and rinsing should make for the optimal check-up and cleaning every time you visit, right? In theory yes, but in reality this isn’t always the case. You can be the most thorough of a cleaner when it comes to your teeth and still be susceptible to dental issues and cavities.

Visiting your Ottawa dentist regularly is important because they are equipped with specialized tools that are able to help clean your teeth and gums in a way that is quite difficult to do on your own. In the event that you do end up having a cavity your Ottawa dentist will be able to remedy the issue by filling it. A new filling compound may have the ability to make those fillings even stronger than they were before. ” ‘The idea of the project was to add graphene into dental materials, in order to increase their resistance to corrosion as well as to improve their mechanical properties,’ explained Dr. Stela Pruneanu, one of the authors of the study from the National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies in Romania. ‘There is contradictory information regarding the cytotoxicity of graphene, so we first wanted to determine how toxic it is for teeth.’Graphene comes in different forms, including graphene oxide, nitrogen-doped graphene and thermally reduced graphene oxide. The researchers tested how toxic these different types of graphene are in vitro for stem cells found in teeth.”

If you haven’t visited your Ottawa dentist in a while, make sure to set up an appointment sooner rather than later. An Ottawa dentist will be able to closely and thoroughly clean and inspect your teeth to ensure everything is the way it should be. In the event that you do have a cavity, your Ottawa dentist will be able to take the proper steps to fill and remedy the affected area.

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