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How To Properly Floss Your Teeth To Make Your Kanata Dental Offices Proud

30 Jan 2015

How To Properly Floss Your Teeth To Make Your Kanata Dental Offices Proud

Although it may be tempting to floss like crazy the night before going to the dentist hoping the family dentists in Ottawa will think you floss regularly, it is one of those things you need to do every day—even for children. Maybe the Kanata dental offices showed you how to floss properly at your last visit and you maintained a good habit for a few weeks and then forgot about it.

Whether you need a visual reminder (a sticky note on the bathroom mirror might help), you find flossing difficult or painful, or you don’t like the floss itself–there are now many flavours and types to make it easier—you should follow the advice of your family dentists in Ottawa and floss daily to maintain good health. Here are some flossing tips from Kanata dental offices:

How to floss:

Take about 18 inches of floss and wrap it around your index fingers and thumbs for the most control. Slide the floss in between the teeth with a “C” motion instead of a straight back and forth motion. Ask your Kanata dental offices for a demonstration at your next visit.

Use a clean piece of floss for each tooth and make sure to get in between each tooth and even the back ones. Developing a pattern of which sides you start on and progress to may help add routine to the process, for example, staring in the middle and working to the left and right sides. If you find the motions difficult, family dentists in Ottawa can give you advice about other tools, including flossing picks, interdental brushes or electronic flossers.

Benefits of flossing:

Knowing the benefits of flossing may encourage you to do it more and not only after a check up with family dentists in Ottawa; it’s one of those things, like eating well and exercising, that you know you should do more. Flossing removes plaque, bacteria and and build up from between the teeth that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. Plaque build up can lead to bad breath, teeth decay and cavities. Kanata dental offices will say that bleeding in your gums is nothing to be alarmed about if it happens while flossing. It usually means that are not flossing enough and the pain should go away after regular flossing.

When and how often to floss:

Even flossing for a minute a day can improve teeth health although Kanata dentals offices suggest about 2-3 minutes for the best results. Most people like to floss at nighttime, as well as after brushing teeth, so the toothbrush can start the process of getting the decay out from behind the teeth. As long as you can devote a few minutes a day to flossing, it doesn’t matter exactly when you do it. Family dentist offices in Ottawa will even suggest things like flossing while watching television, listening to music or in the car on the way to work to best fit it into your schedule.

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