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Finding a Dentist in Ottawa: Tips for Newcomers!

23 Oct 2014

Finding a Dentist in Ottawa: Tips for Newcomers!

Are you new to Ottawa? If so, you might have opened the phone book or looked online to search for a great dentist, only to find a large choice of clinics that seem —on the surface — to offer the same quality of service. But how can you accurately determine which dentist will be the best fit for you? Consult the following tips to help you find your new dentist in Ottawa!

Questions to Ask When Calling a Dentist’s Office

Calling a dentist’s office will enable you to determine if your clinic accepts new patients, and will also give you a chance to speak to the receptionist and ask any question you might have. Is the person at the reception desk knowledgeable, calm and friendly? If so, this is a great first sign that you are dealing with a professionally-managed clinic that is focused on excellent customer service. This is important, especially if you have dental insurance, since great dentists in Ottawa are capable of processing your claim electronically with the least amount of hassle for you, their client.

Take Them Up on the Offer: Free Consultations

Did you know that there are dentists in Ottawa who offer free consultations to their new patients? Indeed, whether patients are new to Ottawa, or whether they are long-time residents, new patients can take advantage of the free consultation offered by certain clinics in order to see whether they feel at ease .

When visiting a dentist in Ottawa for the first time for your free consultation, observe the following:

– Is the entire staff warm, friendly and ready to serve you?

– Is the office clean, orderly and geared towards your comfort (Internet access, children’s play area, cable television and satellite radio in examination rooms, etc.)?

– Do you feel at ease speaking with the dentist?

Exchanging Smiles: Speaking with your Dentist

Speaking with your new dentist in Ottawa should be pleasant, comforting and relaxing! An experienced dentist will make you feel at ease by comprehensively explaining possible treatments plans in a clear and professional manner. Don’t forget to ask him or her if they are qualified to administer sedation for nervous patients. This is especially important if you are, or someone in your family is, a patient with a certain fear of dental procedures.

If you are new to the community, or a long-time resident of the city, finding a fantastic dentist in Ottawa with the help of the above tips will be simpler than ever!

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