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Dental Therapy

22 oct. 2015

Dental Therapy



In life, it’s important to have someone to talk to and confide in. Normally this ‘go to’ person is someone that you are close to (spouse, best friend, family member, etc.) however, not everyone is lucky enough to have someone in their life that they can rely on and vent to. For this reason and many others, therapeutic services are always thriving.


It’s amazing how helpful actually speaking to a stranger (yes they are professionals, but they are still strangers at first, and it can be a challenge to open up to them about personal things) about concerns or issues you may be facing can be. The same can be said about dental professionals to a certain degree. When you decide on the right Ottawa dental professional to examine your teeth, they start out as strangers yet they are immediately privy to a very intimate part of your body, your mouth.


Dental therapy is something that is starting to gain steam here in Canada, and around the world. A dental therapist is essentially a dental professional who is not quite a dentist and not quite a hygienist; they fall somewhere in between. They still have to undergo extensive training and become certified professionals, but they are more concerned with preventative dental measures and practices to help patients.


As time progresses you may start to see dental therapists in many more dental locations.

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