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Dental Expansion

24 déc. 2015

Dental Expansion


Say Aah! When it comes to our mouths, this is a familiar phrase when you sit down in your Ottawa dentists‘ chair, lean back and prepare for your examination/procedure. Our mouth muscles definitely get a lot of exercising and stretching while at the dentist as they are required to expand as much as possible in order to give the dentist better access to the teeth and gums.

There is another type of expansion related to the world of dentistry that is making people’s mouth open wide as well, but for another reason (and a good one at that). »The cabinet decided unanimously to approve the allocation of NIS 80 million to provide basic dental care for children aged 13 and 14 starting in 2016, thus expanding a reform Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman began in 2010. But despite the fact that parents are today not charged for basic dental care from birth through age 12, only 30 percent of them take advantage of the service, for which 300,000 more children will soon be eligible.The treatment is available at health fund dental clinics, and will be expanded to the new age group starting on January 1. Clalit, Maccabi and Meuhedet have their own dental clinics, but the smallest insurer, Leumit, has none and carries out the program through contracts with around 250 private dentists. The vast majority of the dentists are general dentists who treat patients of all ages and not pediatric dentistry specialists. »

Whenever dental care is expanded for the benefit of more people, it is always a good thing! If you haven’t seen your Ottawa dentist in a while, make sure to contact them and set up an appointment.

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