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Dental crowns: metal or porcelain, which is better?

15 Feb 2014

Dental crowns: metal or porcelain, which is better?


Dental crowns are a modern comfort that is offered by dental professionals to repair and restore damaged teeth. There are devices that are made with metal and others that are made out of porcelain to cap a tooth after a root canal or injury. Porcelain has been the material of choice in the present day for many reasons for this procedure, primarily because they cover teeth more naturally and less noticeably.

A more natural and lifelike look will be the result of crowns that are made from porcelain because of their ability to blend naturally with your own teeth. Metal crowns draw unwanted attention to you in a crowd because of the dark metal. It may be humiliating to smile because everyone might stare at the dark spot in your mouth rather than listening to what you are saying. Porcelain crowns are created ideally to avoid detection and the purpose of them is to fit the shape and sculpt to the form and shape of your teeth. The dental crowns that can be performed by many dentists including the Kanata dental offices will enhance your smile naturally and beautifully.

Although porcelain dental crowns are better than metal dental crowns they are also a man-made creation by Kanata dental offices and several other dental facilities. Even porcelain crowns have a faint silver or grey line where the crown connects to the gum line. This is common and is hardly noticeable but is one unavoidable flaw of this procedure.

With teeth missing, chipped or broken, it can be hard to bite down or chew properly in a certain area of your mouth. The material mentioned is the perfect material to bond to your teeth because of the likeness of the real enamel on your teeth. Porcelain crowns are also a positive choice for patients with chipped teeth because this material strengthens and reinforces the underlying natural tooth. It provides the patient with a proper functioning tooth, which results in proper function while at the same time achieving beautiful form and true beauty. Kanata dental offices can achieve the brilliant smile you have been searching for.

These type of dental caps also do have risks and precautions because they are fragile and much more breakable than metal. They can be more prone to cracks and breakage than other materials such as metal. A troublesome problem such as teeth grinding known as bruxism, can cause breakage quickly after the procedure. Over several years, if the patient has unhealthy habits or eats food that irritate the teeth such as acidic ingredients, the cap may have to be touched up or removed.

Within the dental industry it is known that porcelain crowns are significantly more expensive than their metal counterparts. Kanata dental offices regularly use porcelain while performing this procedure as it lasts longer and is more aesthetically pleasing. Metal is seen as necessary to fix and treat the problem, while porcelain is cosmetic aesthetic and restorative. By making the choice of porcelain dental crowns, you can be at peace and happy with the decision you have made. In the business of dental crowns, you get what you pay for, make sure you make an informed decision about the type of dental crowns you will be getting.

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