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Cone Beam CT Scanning

cone beam ct scanningCone beam CT scanning, otherwise known as Cone beam computed tomography, is a medical imaging technique that consists of capturing three dimensional (3D) images of the patient’s mouth, jaw, nose, ears and throat. The CBCT scanner machine rotates 360 degrees around the patient’s head, capturing hundreds of photos to provide high quality and clear imaging of the chosen part of the body (in this case, the mouth and jaw). Compared to a conventional CT scanner, the use of a cone shaped x-ray beam dramatically reduces the size of the machine, the time needed to complete a full scan and most importantly, the amount of radiation that is emitted from the scanner, making it much safer for the patient. In dentistry, the Cone Beam CT scanner is used when regular facial radiographs (x-rays) are not sufficient enough. Because it is quick and efficient, this technological advancement has become an important tool in the treatment planning and diagnosis in the context of implant surgery, the evaluation of potential abnormalities in a patient’s teeth, visualizing and diagnosing dental trauma and in several other applications.