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23 mars 2016

Baby’s First Dental Visit


Children are definitely amazing little miracles. Being able to watch them grow and evolve is truly remarkable. From first steps to first teeth every moment is precious, but it’s the actions that are taken after the moments occur that will determine the direction they will head in.

The emergence of teeth is significant for a few reasons; they will be able to start consuming solid foods and also they will need to start regularly seeing a dentist to set their mouths on the right track. “When a child learns to trust their dentist at a young age, it can help prevent anxiety in the dental chair later on life resulting in missed visits and unchecked oral health problems. A personalized dental health care program for your child is essential to identify any unique dental anomalies such as missing adult teeth or problems with hereditary components. Frequency in cleanings and fluoride treatments may also be part of a child’s preventative program.”

In order to put your child on the right path toward the best oral hygiene possible ensure that you contact an Ottawa dentist. They will be able to answer all questions and concerns regarding your child’s dental development and can help your child achieve the best dental health possible.

18 mars 2016

Expansion of the Ontario Dental Program

Happy male dentist examining little girl's teeth at dentist office.

Proper dental health is crucial for maintaining a bright healthy smile and for good overall health as well. The cleaner you keep your teeth and gums, the better off you’ll be. Establishing these good habits at a young age is the best way to get on the right track.

A new provincial dental plan aimed at children will help to improve access and dental care for this important demographic. “The Ontario government has expanded its dental program for children and youth under 17. The new Healthy Smiles Ontario, administered locally by Algoma Public Health, lumps together the Children in Need of Treatment program, the former Healthy Smiles Ontario plan and preventative oral health services provided by public health units, said Natalie Carriere, a registered dental hygienist with APH. Clients automatically enrolled in the new program already benefit from Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support and Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities programs. Children not enrolled in the plan, which took effect Jan. 1, can have coverage in as little as 15 minutes through APH, in the event of dental emergencies, said Carriere.“The new program’s aim is to improve access to oral health services to children and youth through streamlining registration, eligibility, enrolment and administration.”

With increased access to dental care for Ontario youth, they are set on a path toward prolonged dental health.