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26 nov. 2015

How Kindness can Change Lives


What’s free to give and can offer you a huge return on investment every time you give it? Kindness. When you open up your heart to someone with your words and actions, the feelings will not only be felt, chances are they will be returned in kind. Kindness is also usually the most appreciated when someone is new to an area and may not feel very comfortable in their new environment yet.

Dentists have the unique ability to connect with their patients, get to the root of their issues and help them smile better than they have in a while. One Ontario dentist in particular was able to help a Syrian refugee with a remarkable act of kindness. “When five-year-old Malak arrived in Canada in July, her teeth were so decayed, sharp jolts of pain kept her up at night. ‘She lived with pain for so long,’ her uncle Yaser Al Mtawa told The Huffington Post Canada. As newly arrived Syrian refugees in Kingston, Ont., her family didn’t qualify for coverage from the province’s Healthy Smiles program for kids’ emergency care. That is eligible only to families who have filed taxes. On the local level, grassroots efforts are helping the newcomers navigate a patchwork system of refugee care. In this particular case, it started with someone asking for help to fix a five-year-old girl’s teeth. And Dr. Chan didn’t start and stop with Malak. ‘He stepped forward to not only treat Malak’s teeth, but also to provide a dental care for two Syrian refugee families,’ Yaser said. After the surgery, he said Malak’s mother broke down in tears when she saw her daughter smile ‘finally free of pain.’”

Stories like these really show not only the power of kindness, but the great work being done by Ontario dentists. Make sure you contact your local Ottawa dental professional if you are in need of a check-up, cleaning or haven’t been to see a dentist in a while.

12 nov. 2015

Teeth Staining Items You May be Unaware Of



Eating food is a necessity of life. To survive and thrive, we must eat food and the nutrients from what has been eaten will be used to sustain our bodies. When eating is done hastily, a mess and staining can sometimes occur on clothing. When that happens, there are ways to remedy the stain before it sets and causes a more permanent problem.


Unless we happen to face certain dietary restrictions due to an allergy or otherwise, it’s rare that we would think of certain foods causing an issue while we are eating; our teeth getting stained during the eating/drinking process is usually not even an after thought for most people. There might be heightened awareness for those who are avid coffee/wine drinkers as those are items known to cause teeth staining, but most tend to just continue eating and drinking with wild abandon. The foods that stain (coffee, wine, beets, etc.) are pretty well known, but what about the foods that stain that aren’t as obvious? Here are a few items that can stain your teeth, but wouldn’t immediately come to mind in that regard:


Berries – Certain berries have a very strong pigment that can quickly stain your teeth.


Medications – There are certain medications (such as antihystamines) that are known to actually cause your teeth to yellow.


Mouthwashes – Certain mouthwashes can actually cause your teeth to brown, because of the chemicals in them and how they react with food that may be left on your teeth.


Making sure to do your due diligence before you make any purchase of medication or mouthwash is very important. Also, make sure to consult with your Ottawa dental professional on the best techniques and practices to eliminate the effects of staining.