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Babies and Dental Health

21 Jan 2016

Babies and Dental Health


Dental health is something that is very important, even if you don’t have any teeth yet! Creating the optimal environment for tooth development will ensure that when the teeth do arrive that they are healthy and strong.

Some people may believe that caring for your child’s baby teeth isn’t all that important since they end up falling out and being replaced by adult teeth, but this type of thinking is what can create more oral care issues in the future.

“Starting your child off with good dental habits — even before a tooth makes its grand appearance — can help keep their teeth healthy, strong and protected for decades to come. Baby teeth preserve the spacing for the permanent ones; not caring for them properly can lead to tooth decay and/or gingivitis, which can affect the spacing of the permanent teeth.

Ways to avoid cavities and tooth decay:

• Don’t put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk, formula or juice — the sugar will stick to the teeth;
• Don’t leave the bottle in the child’s mouth for a long period of time, especially if they are not feeding from it;
• Drink water after every meal/bottle feeding;
• If water is not available, run a damp washcloth over their teeth.”

If you have a baby and want to know the best ways to help promote the best dental health for their mouth, contact your Ottawa dentist.

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