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15 oct. 2015

Dental Fee Regulation


Living in Ontario affords us many different benefits. Not only are we privy to a beautiful province that houses the capital city of the whole country, but also we are lucky enough to benefit from health care that is provided to all citizens of the province. Yes, other provinces have similar government funded health care initiatives in place and yes, dental care is usually excluded in these plans, but the one thing that seems to be an issue is the regulation of fees.


In Alberta, the dental fees are not only unregulated, but the amount of money that a procedure can vary by is astronomical. Dependent on the specific dental clinic in question, the filling of one single tooth can vary from $100 to $600. The Albertan government is currently reviewing and looking into the matter.


The tooth of the matter is that many people live on either a fixed income, or have to mind their budget on spending very closely. Having the ability to choose between dental clinics is great as you have the power to pick a spot that is accessible and affordable. Without any type of fee regulation however, your clinic of choice could decide to raise prices suddenly and without notice, which can leave you and your mouth, in a bind.

8 oct. 2015

Halloween: Tips to Avoid Frightening your Dentist

The night is filled with many ghosts, goblins, and witches. For those who aren’t into the scary aspect of things, kittens, and beloved cartoon characters are some viable options. Of course I’m referring to Halloween, a time of year where it’s suitable to dress up as someone else and go door to door asking for something, and people aren’t bothered by it!

Luckily this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, which means that activities can go on all day and into the night. It also means that there is a good chance that the amount of candy that will be consumed will be greater than usual. Here are some tips to ensure that your little trick or treaters will have a great night, but don’t end up scaring their dentist because of too much candy consumption:

Setting Limits

The amount of candy that a child can retrieve in a night can be limitless, but the amount that they are allowed to consume that night (and the following days) should definitely be controlled. Let them enjoy some of the fruits of their labour from the evening, and set limits for the rest.

Oral Care

Brushing, flossing and rinsing should definitely be a part of your child’s nighttime routine if it isn’t already, but even more so on Halloween night. Collecting and eating candy is fun, but suffering the consequences of not keeping up with your dental hygiene after you eat some, is not.


Remember to be safe, and have fun!