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15 janv. 2016

The Gift of Dental Hygiene


Having access to proper dental hygiene is something that people should never take for granted. Here in North America it is rather easy to go to the store to buy a toothbrush when it’s time to replace your current one, or to book an appointment to see your Ottawa dentist for a regular cleaning or check up. There are certain parts of the world where even the idea of trying to improve your dental hygiene can seem impossible.

A couple who vacationed to St. Lucia wanted to do more than just enjoy fun in the sun while on the island and have been able to accomplish just that. “Sandals returning guests Neil and Sheila Stephen have successfully completed another dental hygiene program targeting children between the ages of 5 and 11-years old in Saint Lucia.The program, which focuses on teeth brushing and mouth washing techniques, reached almost 300 children across six schools in the North and South of the island.

The schools covered include the Balata Government School, the Marchand Combined School, the Gros Islet Infant School, the Anse La Raye Infant and Primary Schools and the Roseau Infant School. This is the third year the couple has extended such a program to the island of Saint Lucia, benefitting increasing numbers of children each year. ‘We are extremely happy to be able to do this every year and include it as part of our vacation experience here in Saint Lucia. The people of this island are wonderful and that is what makes our time here each year worthwhile’, Stephen said.”

Children are the future and having good dental hygiene helps to put them on a path for a healthy and successful life.

8 janv. 2016

Dental Day


It’s a new year! To many of you that may not really mean anything different, but it should. The idea of creating grand resolutions and sticking by them throughout the year is a notion that can quickly get lost in the overall busyness of life. In order to be able to actually follow through with any resolution or goal for yourself you should set smaller ones that can be achieved faster. Whenever you are able to check something off of your list, it will give you the drive to keep going to check more things off your list.

Good dental health is something that should be a goal for everyone. Making sure to regularly clean and maintain your teeth is imperative toward optimal dental health. Seeing your Ottawa dentist on a regular only serves to improve your dental health further. A dental office in Washington wants to help people start the year off right and they are doing it in a very helpful way. “On Jan. 30, Broghton and 13 other dentists, as well as staff members from Light Dental, will host a free dental day at their Puyallup office, 8012 112th Street Court East. ‘Our doctors will see an estimated 225 people amongst 14 doctors,’ he said. ‘We will give away what we estimate to be about $100,000 in dentistry.’ Patients will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Patients age 14 and older will get one free filling or extraction. Those 14 and younger will receive a free fluoride varnish. ‘We will fix one tooth,’ Broughton said. ‘However, we will tell them if we see more that need work, and give them a discount.’ While Light Dental will cap the number of patients at 225, those who don’t make it to the dental chair on Jan. 30 will receive coupons for reduced dental care.”

For your teeth to have the whitest, brightest and healthiest start to this new year make sure you contact your Ottawa dentist and schedule an appointment.