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Advanced Therapy in Dentistry: Dental Implants

5 Jun 2014

Advanced Therapy in Dentistry: Dental Implants

dental implants

Several things such as gum disease, tooth decay and injuries can all cause loose or missing teeth, but luckily you can replace your teeth and smile with dental implants. The best dentists in Ottawa are taking up this advanced therapy method for teeth; this innovative way of replacing teeth is impressive and has the best long-term treatment for the issue of missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed artificial teeth that are screwed into your jawbone. This artificial tooth looks and acts like a real one because it remains strongly intact.

Dental implants are becoming very common because they are so durable and appealing; over the years they have been a popular choice in dental treatment among many celebrities like, Victoria Beckham, George Clooney, Amy Winehouse, Nicholas Cage and more. Strong and healthy teeth are important for your general health; dental implants stay permanently in place and almost anyone can get them so for this reason they are the treatment of choice when it comes to missing teeth. There are different kinds of dental implants offered, endosteal and suberiosteal. Endosteal implants are rooted in the jawbone; these are the most common implant, while suberiosteal implants on the other hand are placed under the gum, this type of implant is less common because it is typically used for patients who don’t have enough bone. The best dentists in Ottawa offer this treatment and the price usually varies depending on the extant of the treatment, for example, how many teeth you want replaced, the type of implant and the purpose for the dental implant procedure.

The best dentists in Ottawa offer this procedure because it is the next best thing to natural teeth. Patients can experience a long-lasting healthy smile after undergoing this treatment. The results allow patients to live life without worrying about being embarrassed or uncomfortable with their teeth. Dental implants give people the opportunity to replace teeth while still being able to eat foods as you would with real teeth and preserve the natural jaw bones. So if ever in the market for a new set of teeth, consider implants as your choice.

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