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2 mars 2016

Protecting the Health of your Teeth


In order to maintain the strength and integrity of anything, regular maintenance is required. You may buy a house brand new but that doesn’t mean it will just stay in that pristine condition. It’s imperative to go through the many facets of your home on a regular basis to ensure that all systems are running efficiently. The older the home gets, the more this becomes important as certain aspects of the home may need to be upgraded or repaired.

The same can be said about the human body, especially the teeth. They aren’t immune to aging so that means that need extra care on a regular basis to maintain their use. Dental health for people of all ages is something that your Ottawa dentist definitely puts as a priority, but some offices in Singapore have taken things a step further. “Geriatric and special needs dentistry is a relatively new field that is expected to become more important here, given the rapidly ageing population.Singapore welcomed its first geriatric and special needs dentists in 2012. That year, Dr Tay returned from his postgraduate training in Australia to work at NUH.”

This idea is pretty remarkable as the mobility and dexterity of the senior population can keep them from cleaning their teeth effectively. If you are someone that may be having a difficult time properly maintaining the health of your teeth make sure to contact your Ottawa dentist. They will be able to help you.