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Archive for April, 2015

23 Apr 2015

Invisalign: the Best Fit for your Smile

Ottawa dentists know everyone wants to feel good about smiling – and can you blame them? A smile is supposed to signify happiness! So it’s always a shame when someone is afraid to smile, because they feel self-conscious about crooked or overcrowded teeth. Braces gave people the option of straightening their smile with the use of brackets installed on each tooth, connected by a metal wire that would be replaced regularly and tightened to slowly but surely move their teeth into the ideal positions for eating, talking, and of course, smiling with ease.

But today, traditional braces aren’t the only option. Many dentists in Ottawa are recommending clear braces like Invisalign to their patients. The benefit of Invisalign is that when you wear it, it is nearly invisible – allowing you to show off your constantly-improving smile as your teeth straighten themselves out.

The creation of these clear braces started in 1997 in Menlo Park, California, where the newly founded Align Technology, led by Zia Chishti, worked to bring their dream of a new and efficient orthodontic system to fruition. Invisalign was approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998, where it became available in 1999.

While dentists in Ottawa and around the world may have initially hesitated to adopt the new technology, it proved to be very popular amongst people seeking orthodontic treatment. As more newly beautiful smiles emerged, it became clear that Invisalign was an innovative new way to deliver orthodontic treatment and help people put their best smile forward.

Fast-forward to today, and many dentists in Ottawa have come to trust Invisalign to straighten their patients’ teeth. The technology, which uses digital 3D imaging to map a patient’s teeth and chart their desired changes, uses a multitude of clear brackets, each one different and closer to the end result, to smoothly and comfortably reposition the teeth. Dentists and orthodontists are trained and certified before they can prescribe or use Invisalign, ensuring a high standard of quality is maintained, and that every patient gets their best smile.

From a wild idea that no one was sure would work, to a trusted ally of dentists in Ottawa and around the world, Invisalign has come a long, long way to become a go-to solution for orthodontic care. But is its success any surprise? Giving people the gift of confidence in their smile is a truly great achievement on its own, but to do so in a way that lets them feel more at ease along the way is truly priceless.

13 Apr 2015

Dental Implants for a Smile that Lasts a Lifetime

When you lose a tooth it can be painful experience, leaving you with an unsightly smile. Nobody enjoys losing their adult teeth, but thanks to modern technology there is a new option to permanently fix and replace any missing teeth – dental implants! They’re often referred to as modern dentistry’s greatest option for correcting and replacing missing teeth. What makes them such a great alternative to traditional methods of tooth replacement is that they provide the highest success rate compared to any other tooth replacement procedure.

What makes dental implants so revolutionary? These tooth replacements can last just as long as your natural teeth when given the same proper care. If you’re considering dental implants, you may be curious as to how they work and what exactly they are; read on for more information:

Imagine a tooth, much like those you may see on display at your dental office. They have two main parts – the crown, which is the pearly-white part that’s visible when you smile, and the root, which is the section below the gum line that connects the tooth to the jaw. Dental implants work by permanently replacing and filling the root portion of the tooth with a metal insert that’s surgically placed in the jawbone. A crown restoration is then placed atop of the metal insert. This prosthetic tooth is crafted to look and function exactly like your natural teeth. When these two systems come together, they blend perfectly with your natural teeth, making it impossible to tell which teeth are dental implants and which are your natural teeth!

What makes this system so successful? Essentially, it’s in the special properties of the titanium metal implant which fuses with the bones in your jawline in a process called osseointegration. This process allows the implant to be properly placed for a strong hold to help keep your teeth looking great and perfectly functioning for as long as you live. And really, isn’t that what everyone wants from their teeth?

Perhaps the best reason you might consider dental implants is that they help preserve your tooth-supporting bone structure, and prevent tooth decay and forms of gum disease that would otherwise form after the tooth has been lost.

If you have any questions about dental implants, and how other dental replacement procedures compare, click here, or speak to your dentist to find out if dental implants are an appropriate option for you.