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Archive for October, 2014

23 Oct 2014

Finding a Dentist in Ottawa: Tips for Newcomers!

Are you new to Ottawa? If so, you might have opened the phone book or looked online to search for a great dentist, only to find a large choice of clinics that seem —on the surface — to offer the same quality of service. But how can you accurately determine which dentist will be the best fit for you? Consult the following tips to help you find your new dentist in Ottawa!

Questions to Ask When Calling a Dentist’s Office

Calling a dentist’s office will enable you to determine if your clinic accepts new patients, and will also give you a chance to speak to the receptionist and ask any question you might have. Is the person at the reception desk knowledgeable, calm and friendly? If so, this is a great first sign that you are dealing with a professionally-managed clinic that is focused on excellent customer service. This is important, especially if you have dental insurance, since great dentists in Ottawa are capable of processing your claim electronically with the least amount of hassle for you, their client.

Take Them Up on the Offer: Free Consultations

Did you know that there are dentists in Ottawa who offer free consultations to their new patients? Indeed, whether patients are new to Ottawa, or whether they are long-time residents, new patients can take advantage of the free consultation offered by certain clinics in order to see whether they feel at ease .

When visiting a dentist in Ottawa for the first time for your free consultation, observe the following:

– Is the entire staff warm, friendly and ready to serve you?

– Is the office clean, orderly and geared towards your comfort (Internet access, children’s play area, cable television and satellite radio in examination rooms, etc.)?

– Do you feel at ease speaking with the dentist?

Exchanging Smiles: Speaking with your Dentist

Speaking with your new dentist in Ottawa should be pleasant, comforting and relaxing! An experienced dentist will make you feel at ease by comprehensively explaining possible treatments plans in a clear and professional manner. Don’t forget to ask him or her if they are qualified to administer sedation for nervous patients. This is especially important if you are, or someone in your family is, a patient with a certain fear of dental procedures.

If you are new to the community, or a long-time resident of the city, finding a fantastic dentist in Ottawa with the help of the above tips will be simpler than ever!

16 Oct 2014

Ottawa Dentists Deliver Sure Solutions With Dental Implants

You might think that with both the increased knowledge about dental hygiene and the advanced level of dental care available to us today, that there is little demand for tooth replacement solutions like dental implants. After all, cavities are now easily stopped in their tracks, and oral disease is easily preventable with good hygiene and regular visits to your dentist in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, tooth decay can happen to the best of us, sometimes making it necessary for a tooth to be pulled.We can even fall victim to an unfortunate accident in which a healthy tooth gets knocked out. When these things happen, a dental implant is an excellent option for your need of a tooth replacement solution.  Here are three reasons your Ottawa dentist may recommend dental implants over other options for replacing teeth:

Better overall oral health

A dental implant is essentially a “root” that is surgically and permanently implanted and holds a new, replacement tooth in place. It fills the gap left behind by the missing tooth while positively affecting the other teeth around it, preventing the risk of bone loss, jaw pain and misalignment that can occur when there is tooth loss. Deciding on a dental implant also eliminates the need to alter or remove any other teeth, unlike a bridge or dentures.  It is also easily brushed, flossed and cared for the same way as the rest of one’s natural teeth, ensuring the ability to maintain good oral health.

Enhanced Function

The functionality of a full set of teeth is best appreciated when one has dealt with the frustration of going without them. Restricted food choices or reduced speech clarity can both be consequences not only of missing teeth, but also of other tooth replacement choices, like dentures.   An Ottawa dentist will tell you that a real advantage of dental implants is that, because they are securely and permanently in place, your chewing ability is not impacted, and your speech is not compromised. You are also not inconvenienced by the time and effort needed to use adhesives or special cleaners.

Improved Appearance

Any reputable Ottawa dentist will not minimize your concern over the appearance of your teeth and mouth. We definitely live in an era that scrutinizes this area of our physicality. Fortunately, we also live in an era—and part of the world—that embraces advanced dental knowledge and intervention. Dental implants both look and feel like natural teeth, giving you back “your” mouth, and the appearance you desire.