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Archive for September, 2014

26 Sep 2014

The “Tooth” About Dental Phobias: How choosing the right dental clinic in Ottawa can help you overcome yours

Dental phobias are very common; in fact, Peter Milgrom, DDS and director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, estimated that 5% to 8% of American’s will avoid the dentist due to a dental phobia. He also estimated that a staggering 20% will only go to the dentist when absolutely necessary because of the anxiety the experience causes them.

Most dentists and psychologists agree that dental phobias can be ‘rooted’ from three specific fears:

  • Algophobia or Agliophobia: An abnormal or extreme fear of pain.
  • Blood-Injection-Injury (BII) Phobia: A fear of blood, needles and/or medical procedures.
  • Nosophobia: An abnormal fear of contracting a disease. This can also sometimes stem from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

However, some psychologists suggest that the perceived lack of control one has while in the dentist chair can also be a big, if not the most defining factor, of dental phobia.

So how can you maintain your oral health if you have a dental phobia? The solution is in finding the best dentist in Ottawa for you. You will know when you have found the right dental clinic in Ottawa by getting a feel for the environment and communication they provide to their patients. Look for a dental clinic on Ottawa that seeks to ease dental phobia in their patients by employing the following measures:

– Explaining the procedure both before and during the process. By ensuring the patient understands what is going on at all times it may help them feel more in control.

– Continually asking the patient if they are feeling alright and if it is OK to continue with the process.

– Letting the patient know before any procedures that they can stop anytime.

– A good dental clinic in Ottawa should also be able to set a schedule for the process. If the procedure is going to be long, the dentist and patient may be able to set scheduled breaks. The best dentist in Ottawa could then remind the patient that the next break will occur shortly.

– When dealing with patients with BII Phobia, seeking alternative forms of sedatives when possible.

Now let’s say you’ve found the best dentist in Ottawa who will take all the measures mentioned above to ensure your comfort. Is there anything you can still do? Absolutely.

– Distract yourself: Create a relaxing playlist and pop in your headphones.

– Do the research: Even though your dental clinic in Ottawa will go over any information and procedures with you, preparing yourself before you go may help with pre-visit jitters.

– Bring a family member or friend: They might be able to offer the extra moral support you need!

Maintaining proper oral health and hygiene is an integral part of our overall health – so it’s important to find the best dentist in Ottawa who will help to work around your phobia.

10 Sep 2014

How Dental Implants Can Make You Smile Again

Your true smile will always be your best accessory, and dentists know pride in your smile is reflected inside and out!  Yet, many men and women today hesitate to show their joyous self to the world because they have lost one or more teeth due to an injury or a serious problem affecting their gums or teeth.  Has this happened to you? If so, you may have looked into the possibility of asking your dentist about dental implant surgery. But do you know what to expect when undergoing this procedure? Consult the following information to better prepare yourself for your discussion with your dentist about implant surgery.

How Do Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth?

These implants are designed to look and act as real teeth. The implant is typically made of titanium and is placed in the area of the missing tooth or teeth where it fuses with your own bone. The implant becomes as solid as a real tooth after a period of integration.  What remains visible in the mouth is an artificial ceramic tooth that can withstand the same activity as a regular tooth, such as chewing and biting.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Every surgery carries a potential risk and dental implant surgery is no exception, however quite minimal in comparison to other oral procedures. According to the Canadian Dental Association, the best candidates to receive dental implants are individuals who are in good overall health and who have not had any previous serious issues with their gums or surrounding bone.

While complications during this procedure are rare, patients are always informed that certain situations my arise for example failure of the implant to bond to the jawbone. Your dentist in Ottawa is the best expert who can guide you through the benefits and risks of receiving this type of oral surgery.

Managing after the Implant Surgery

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, your dentist will explain the complete procedure to you and advise you on recovery time and implant care. Any discomfort after implant placement is minimal and often less than associated with most oral surgeries.

The potential discomfort and swelling felt after the surgery will vary from person to person, but your dentist will provide you with the necessary aids to keep you as comfortable as possible.

There are many alternatives available to patients who have missing teeth, implants are the the most successful and permanent option we have to offer. Don’t ever hesitate to speak to your dentist about the benefits of this procedure… and don’t ever hesitate to show your smile to the world!