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Archive for April, 2014

20 Apr 2014

Top tips from Ottawa dentists to help your kids overcome their fear

DentistFear of the unknown is a common fear for many children. Even when kids are starting a new, fun activity like swimming lessons or starting school they are often shy and fearful before they bond with their new teacher. For many children going to see a new dentist or doctor can incite the same fear. Sometimes, kids need a little encouragement so they can see that a visit to the dentist is positive and even fun visit. Here are some helpful tips about helping your kids overcome their fear of the dentist.

Find a pediatric dentist
Pediatric dentists have more experience than your general dentist because they work with children every day and know the fear tactics. You can find dentists in Ottawa that can assure your child he or she is in great hands.

Make an appointment that doesn’t conflict with the child’s sleep pattern
Try to schedule an appointment with the dentist that doesn’t conflict with your child’s sleep pattern. Sudden outbursts and tantrums tend to happen when kids are tired. Try to schedule an appointment earlier in the morning when the child is less like to react negatively due to being tired or a couple hours after nap time.

Stay calm
Stay calm and let the dentist and their staff guide you. Be sure to follow the suggestions that the dental professionals give you – they are experienced in dealing with new families and patients and can offer you the best advice on how to navigate this new terrain. Allowing the dentist to take the lead and control the flow of the appointment also allows your child to see the dentist as a trustworthy authority figure.

Avoid bad words
Watch what words you use. Words such as pain, shot or hurt can raise questions. Introduce him to the staff and let the staff talk to him about the visit.

Stay relaxed
Keep it simple and casual by avoiding too many questions. Allowing a lot of questions can open a door of concern for the child.

Play the game
Plan a pretend visit with the dentist. Office tours and staff introductions will ensure your child that there isn’t anything to fear. Allowing your child to be introduced to this new environment will allow them to feel familiar and at ease when it comes times for their first real appointment.

5 Apr 2014

5 tips to finding the best dentist in Ottawa

best dentist in OttawaWhether you’ve just moved to a new community and are looking for a dentist, your old dentist has retired, or you would simply like to make a change, it’s best to find a new dentist before you actually need one. Although finding the best dentist in Ottawa may seem like a daunting task, following certain guidelines can simplify the process. The following are five steps ensuring you’re next dentist is the best around.

1. Consider Your Specific Oral Health Needs

The first thing that you should do when seeking a new dentist is to consider your particular oral health care requirements and preferences. For instance, if you or a family member needs orthodontic treatments such as invisalign, you should start your search with local dentists skilled in providing that service.

2. References and Reviews

The Age of Technology has made the process of getting references and reviews much easier. Online reviews are an excellent resource for finding professional services. Don’t forget the value of asking friends and family which dentists they prefer and why, and ask your current dentist for a referral if you are moving to a new community.

3. Location and Logistics

You’re naturally going to want a dentist whose office is within reasonable driving distance of your home or place of employment, but also give some thought to logistics. If possible, scope the area out and look for obstacles such as accessibility of parking or if the location is well-served by public transportation.

4. Appointments and Emergencies

Check to see if the dentists you are considering offer appointments during the evenings and weekends. Many busy professionals find it difficult to take time off work during business hours. It’s also important to find out the policy concerning emergencies and anticipated wait times for appointments. If your invisalign becomes damaged, for instance, you may not want to wait weeks for an appointment.

5. Pay a Visit to the Office

After you’ve narrowed down your search for the best dentist in Ottawa, pay a visit to the offices of the dentists who’ve made your final list. Look for things such as general cleanliness and whether you’re treated with courtesy.